This short sample is taken from our A&R and Record Lables list. (To request a sample of our other lists/directories please contact personally)

Our Music Contact List – 2017 Deluxe Edition is seperated into individual cells, matching each Personal Email Address to its related Personal Contact Name, Title, Address, Phone Number, Genre/Style and more, making it super easy to launch an effective personalized promotional campaign to thousands of influential key music proffesionals in minutes!

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Our 2017 music registry is broken down into 5 seperate lists for your convenience: A&R and Record Labels, Music Blogs, Film & TV, Publishing and Indie Radio. As a huge free bonus you also get the Indie Bible Complete (we are the only ones that have the Indie Bible in EXCEL format!). When you purchase our Music Contact List 2017 Deluxe Edition you get everything, our entire music registry, which is all 5 lists and also the Indie Bible Complete free bonus.