• Excellent A&R and Record Label registry. We use it to keep ourselves updated
    on who’s working where as people in this industry always moving around
    and rotating between positions and labels.

    Eesean Bolden
    A&R Manager at Capitol Records

  • Thank you, this is just what I was looking for.
    All the contacts I will ever need to try and find a home
    for my new album. Can’t believe how thorough this list is!
    Thanks again.

    Chris Murphy
    Musician, Singer, Songwriter

  • I’ve managed to contact and add more than a dousen new publishers
    to my co-pubslisher’s list and now I can collect copyright royalties from countries
    I have not been represented in up until now. This is very good news to all of my clients.
    Many thanks.

    Jonathan Stone
    Publisher at Radar Music

  • Just recieved confirmation that my upcoming single has been picked up by LA top radio station KIIS FM
    and that they’ll add it to their playlist and play it daily! I had a feeling that working with your contact list,
    instead of hiring a PR company, would not only save me thousends of dollars but also keep me in control
    with my music and career.

    Robert Howard Cantor (aka Rob Cantor)
    Musician, Singer, Songwiter

  • I know Maya from her days as Record Label Manager and A&R Director,
    so it didn’t hit me by surprise when she started Music Contact List and began publishing
    the best music business registry our there. Nobody even comes close to what she has to offer
    in term of music business contacts.

    Lars Tengroth
    Head of A&R and Label Manager at Playground Music

  • Had to write you personally and let you know how incredibly happy and thrilled I am!
    Because of your perfect music contact list I am now signed to RCA Records!!!
    It all started with a short email to Sony’s A&R Ben Hood which I got from your contact list of course,
    and after he listened and liked my music he pitched me and my music to Sony and RCA executives
    and now i’m in! Thank you so much and god bless you.

  • Elle King
    Singer, Songwriter, Actress

  • Huge source of information here, All sorted out and indexed perfectly!
    This is by far the best contact list for the music industry
    I have ever encountered.

    Alejandro Ghersi (aka ARCA)
    Musician, Record Producer, Mixing Engineer, DJ

  • Wow, this Excel version is amazing
    and its got everything I possibly need
    to promote my album worldwide.

    Alicia Bognanno (from the band BULLY)
    Musician, Singer, Songwriter

  • Hi Maya, as you know from our earlier correspondings, I was a bit sceptical at first about how this music registry can help me get my music across and heard by the right people in the music industry, but only two weeks after I have started sending emails to contacts I have already secured a lisencing deal with Universal for one of thier upcoming films and more than ten music blogs have commited to an interview or a music review, including Pitchfork! So in conclusion Maya, you and your music registry are pure gold! Thank you for making this happen.

    Zora Jones
    Musician, Music Producer, DJ